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The Comprehensive Guide to the TVS iQube: India’s Premier Smart Electric Scooter

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The TVS iQube stands out in India’s electric scooter landscape with its blend of modern design and cutting-edge technology. Engineered for the urban commuter, the iQube marries TVS’s renowned reliability with eco-friendly innovation, offering a smart, connected commuting experience that’s both efficient and enjoyable​​​​.

Unveiling the Smart Features and Specifications

Performance and Range

Equipped with a hub-mounted motor producing 4.4 kW of peak power, the TVS iQube delivers brisk acceleration, hitting 0 to 40 kmph in just 4.2 seconds. It offers a top speed of 78 kmph, adequate for city commutes. The scooter comes with a 3.04 kWh lithium-ion battery, boasting an eco mode range of 100 km and a power mode range of 75 km. Charging time for the battery from 0 to 80% is about 4.5 hours with the standard 650 W charger. The iQube ST variant promises an even more impressive range of 140 km on a single charge, with faster charging options available​​​​​​.

Ride Quality and Handling

The iQube excels in ride comfort and handling, thanks to its well-designed chassis and suspension setup. Its broad footboard and comfortable seating ensure a pleasant ride over various terrains. The scooter’s dynamics benefit from TVS’s motorsport experience, offering good grip and control, even at speed or under hard braking​​.

Variants and Pricing

The iQube is available in standard and S variants, with the ST variant expected to offer the highest range and fastest charging capabilities. Prices start at under Rs. 1 lakh for the standard variant in Delhi, after including the cost of the charger. The iQube S offers additional features and color options for a slightly higher price​​​​.

Comparing TVS iQube with Its Rivals

In comparison to its competitors, the iQube holds its ground with superior build quality, good handling, and a practical range for daily commuting. While it may not offer the fastest acceleration in its class, its performance is more than adequate for urban environments. The availability of advanced features like SmartXonnect further enhances its appeal against other electric scooters in the market​​​​.

Why TVS iQube Stands Out

  • Eco-Friendly Commuting: The iQube offers a clean, efficient way to navigate the city, reducing carbon footprints.
  • Smart Connectivity: Equipped with SmartXonnect technology, it provides navigation, battery status, and other smart features for a connected riding experience.
  • Reliable Performance: TVS’s experience in two-wheeler manufacturing ensures the iQube is both reliable and durable, suitable for daily use.
  • Competitive Pricing: With its pricing strategy, the iQube presents a compelling value proposition in the electric scooter segment​​​​.


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The TVS iQube electric scooter is a significant step forward in the electric mobility space, offering an excellent blend of performance, comfort, and smart features. It stands as a testament to TVS’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, making it a top choice for those looking to transition to electric scooters for their daily commute. With its competitive pricing, the iQube is not just a smart electric scooter but a smart investment into a cleaner, greener future​​​​​​.

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