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5 Things to Know Before Buying an EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) have rapidly evolved into a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation people are considering converting to EVs as technology advances and accessibility improves. However, several important factors to consider before purchasing an EV. Here are five things to think about before purchasing an EV:

Driving Range and Charging Infrastructure

An EV’s driving range is its distance on a single charge. Before investing in an EV, analyze your daily commute and the distance you regularly travel. Ascertain that your EV has a driving range that comfortably suits your needs.

Consider the availability of charging infrastructure in your location as well. Access to charging stations at home and on the road is critical for EV ownership to be convenient. To ensure you can charge your EV conveniently, look for charging stations near your home, business, and frequent trips. 

Charging Time and Speed

Understanding the charging time, EV driving range, and infrastructure is critical, particularly for individuals with demanding schedules. Various EV models and charging solutions provide various charging speeds. The most common charging options are 5A home sockets and Type 2 chargers, which enable faster charging.

While regular home charging can take several hours to charge the battery fully, they are safe, more reliable, and good for battery health. Fast-charging stations can drastically shorten charging time and are helpful for on-the-go movement, but they can affect the battery life drastically. While the 2eW comes with a range of anywhere between 60 to 150 km, the e4W ranges from 250 to 1000 km. To give a perspective on the kind of vehicle, charging, and time to charge.

Type of Charginge2We4W
Regular (Slow) Charging at Home3-4 Hours8-12 Hours
Fast Charging45 Mins3 Hours

Consider your daily habits to see if the charging time fits your lifestyle. Those who require regular recharging during the day benefit from fast-charging options.

Financial Incentives and Rebates

Central & State Governments frequently provide financial incentives and refunds to boost EV adoption. These incentives include Income Tax deductions, rebates, and reduced registration fees (exempted toll charges). On top of it, ElectricPe enables a smoother transition for consumers to switch to EVs by exchanging their existing vehicle, financing as high as 90% of the vehicle cost + 1 year of free charging over 10k+ charging points. To further ease the concerns about battery degradation post 3 years, ElectricPe also offers ElectricPe Infinite Plan, where the consumers can continue to upgrade their battery when required for a simple monthly subscription fee. Get to know your area’s available incentives and other offerings to understand the easiest way of buying your following EV with ElectricPe.

Total Cost of Ownership

EVs may initially cost more than conventional petrol/diesel-powered vehicles but will become more affordable. For a timeline of 3 years, if we look at a petrol-based vehicle and an EV that runs 30kms per day, this would be our total cost of ownership:

CostPetrol Based VehiclesElectric Vehicle
Initial InvestmentRs 115000Rs 145000
Total Fuel CostRs 91746Rs 5906
Total Service CostRs 7800Rs 2400
Total Running CostRs 3.4/kmRs 0.2/km
Total Cost of OwnershipRs 7.9/kmRs 5.6/km

Total Cost of Ownership is clearly lesser for an EV than a petrol-based vehicle. 

Sustainability and Electric Mobility

The environmental benefits of EVs are one of its primary selling points. Zero tailpipe emissions from electric vehicles help to clean the air and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consider the impact of your actions on future generations and the part you want your vehicle to play in reducing environmental impact.

Companies like ElectricPe have helped save about 2,500 tons of carbon emissions and have enabled 85 Lakh Green Kilometers. 

Bonus Consideration: EV Models and Features

Explore different kinds and their attributes before choosing an EV. Seating capacity, cargo space, safety features, technology developments, and driving performance are a few things to consider. Find the model that best suits your preferences and driving style by taking it for a test drive.


Investing in an electric vehicle is a smart choice and is environmentally friendly. Consider your driving requirements, the availability of charging stations, and other incentives available before making a choice. Choose the EV Roadmap to Tomorrow! Drive ahead with cutting-edge innovation for a sustainable and greener future!

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