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Affordable Ola & Ather Electric Scooters

Ola vs Ather

Electric vehicles have come a long way since its inception in the 1800s! They might not have justified the cost back then, but that’s not the case today. With so many companies focussing on electric mobility, we have affordable and cheap electric vehicle options in the market.

No list of trusted electric scooter brands is complete without Ola and Ather. While Ather is usually considered pricier, Ola has been coming up with more affordable options model after model.

Here are the most affordable electric scooters from both Ola and Ather.


Ather Rizta

Rizta is the newest model yet from the Bengaluru-based Ather Energy and currently the cheapest electric scooter from the company. Ather Energy dubs it as their family scooter for its impressive range and storage space.

The Ather Rizta has an introductory starting price of
 ₹1,09,999 (ex-showroom) for its cheapest variant, Rizta S with the 2.9 kWh battery. This makes the Rizta S the most affordable electric scooter from Ather. It has a certified riding range of 150 km as well.

The other variants include Rizta Z – 2.9 kWh and Rizta Z – 3.7 kWh. The latter one with the larger battery pack has a certified range of 160 km. The starting price for the Rizta Z – 3.7 kWh is  ₹1,44,999 (ex-showroom), making the electric scooter pricier than some of its other models.

Ola S1X

The Ola S1 X has been disrupting the market ever since its launch. It is by far the cheapest electric scooter available in the market for the features it boasts. The scooter comes in 4 variants and 7 colours.

The cheapest variant is the 2kWh S1X which has an ex-showroom price starting at ₹74,999. This variant has a certified riding range of 95 km and a top speed of 85 kmph. However, for those of you looking for higher range electric scooters, the other variants of the S1X might be the better choice.

The most expensive variant, the Ola S1X 4 kWh, has a riding range of 190 km on a single charge and a top speed of 90 kmph. The starting price for the 4 kWh variant is ₹99,999 (ex-showroom), which is still cheaper than the cheapest Ather available.

Ather vs Ola

Ola Electric is the highest selling EV brand in India. They launched in 2017 as a fully-owned subsidiary of Ola Cabs’ parent company, ANI. Ola Electric offers three models, S1X, S1 Air and S1 Pro.

Their quick growth in the market owes to their futuristic features combined with unbeatable prices. All models come with impressive ranges as well; S1 pro has a certified range of 190 km which other big players are yet to achieve.

Additionally, Ola Electric provides an 8 year warranty on their battery making it a safer option in many customers’ eyes.

On the other hand, Ather Energy has been in the market for over 10 years (launched in 2013) and has been trusted by its customers. Their stylish designs and best-in-class features have always been preferred by the electric scooter community.

However, when it comes to range and top speed, Ather Energy falls behind Ola Electric. The highest speed the 450X can reach is 90 kmph while S1 Pro hits 120, making it the fastest electric scooter in India.

The range for all Ather models are between 90 – 160 km depending on the models. Ola Electric models range from 95 – 190 km on a single charge, and is priced lesser than its Ather counterparts.

The decision to choose between Ather and Ola can get tricky, with both having its own pros and cons. While some say Ola models are cheaper and better, others argue that Ather has better quality overall. Both brands have been customer favourites and definite market disruptors.

Still wondering which one to go with? Get in touch with our experts to make an informed decision before your purchase.

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