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Master EV charging Etiquettes: 10 tips for a better EV charging experience

Remember- what goes around comes around and therefore, we’ve listed below 10 EV charging tips that will help you, help others charge better than ever. 

1. Charging spaces for CHARGING only.

Park your EV in a charging space only when you’re actively charging. An EV charging space is not to be used solely for parking.  When your EV is fully revved up, leave to allow your fellow eco warriors to access the charger. 

2. When to unplug another EV?

Only unplug another vehicle if you are 100% sure that it is charged up. Not all EVs can be unplugged during, or even after charging. So respect the owner and know what you are doing before acting. Plus, it helps you maximise your EV battery life.

3. Don’t Set and Forget.

Stations are designed to allow you to leave your vehicle charging. But, you must be back before charging stops, and before any parking time limits are up. Don’t expect others to unplug you.

To make this easier than ever before, all you have to do is make sure that our app notifications are on during all your sessions. 

4. Put the connector back on when you’re done. 

To ensure the safety of the connector and to avoid causing inconvenience to other EV drivers, it is important to securely place the connector in the charger holster. This not only prevents damage to the connector but also eliminates the risk of tripping hazards.

In case you encounter any problems with a connector, you can easily report the issue using the “Get help” function within the ElectricPe App or by contacting our Customer Support, which is available 24/7.

5. Follow the basics, duh!

To ensure a pleasant atmosphere,  keep your music volume at a low level. Additionally,  keep the area clean by disposing of your trash in the designated waste receptacles and remember, what goes, always comes back!

6. Take good care while plugging in and out

Realise that these chargers help you go a long way and therefore, treat them as your own. Plug them in and out carefully and patiently to avoid any damage to the chargers.

7. What to do if someone else’s EV is plugged in the socket?

It is essential to maintain courtesy and consideration for other EV drivers at the charging stations. Instead of resorting to unplugging, let’s collaborate and make an effort to minimise the need for such actions by promptly moving our vehicles as soon as we have finished charging. By working together, we can create a more harmonious charging experience for everyone involved.

8. What is the best percentage to charge EV?

When it comes to EV charging, it’s good to not aim for that perfect 100. When charging your EV, please be mindful of others. If your battery is already at a high percentage or if you have alternative fuel options, consider waiting or charging later to allow those with low battery levels to access the charger. If you do charge, leave a note indicating when it’s acceptable to unplug you. Remember, for fast charging, aim for around 80% before considering switching to a Level 2 charger. 

9. How to deal with ICE vehicles parked in the EV charging space?

When encountering ICE vehicles parked in EV charging space, be nice. Refrain from leaving negative messages. Instead, be a good EV ambassador and leave a friendly note like this:

“Hey, you’re parked in an electric vehicle charging spot. As an EV driver, I rely on these spots for charging. Please be considerate and leave the spot open next time. Thanks for supporting EV drivers!”

10. Go the extra mile and check-in on ElectricPe

Check-in on the ElectricPe app and let others benefit from your experience at a particular charging station. Your review can help others make an informed decision on where to charge in case of emergency.


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