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Game-Changing EV Charging Solutions by ElectricPe


The introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) in India has been long-awaited, with a target of 100 million EVs on the road by 2030. However, the lack of EV charging stations in India poses a significant challenge to their implementation. 

Addressing the Gap: Reliable EV Charging Stations in Bangalore:

Despite government efforts, the number of EV charging stations in India remains limited, hindering the range and adoption of EVs. This poses a major obstacle to the transition from traditional fuel-powered vehicles to EVs, requiring urgent attention to address charging station infrastructure. Various private players have recognized the importance of addressing the charging station infrastructure gap. Despite the efforts made by private players, consumer concerns persist regarding clarity, trust, and convenience in utilising EV charging stations. The featured player in this blog addresses these concerns, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience to EV owners. 

Introducing ElectricPe : Bangalore’s Largest EV Charging Network

With a growing presence of its EV charging points across Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad, ElectricPe is dedicated to building sustainable infrastructure for India’s electric mobility future by providing reliable and affordable EV  charging solutions for electric vehicle owners. The company offers a comprehensive range of charging solutions, including AC and DC fast chargers, to cater to both personal and commercial EV charging needs. Focusing on building a robust and convenient charging infrastructure, this player is reshaping the future of electric mobility in the city. From cutting-edge technology and network reliability to user-centric services and transparent pricing models, they are driving the shift towards electric mobility. By enabling a reliable and extensive charging infrastructure, this player is instrumental in promoting sustainable transportation in Bangalore. 

The company has been making strong moves to enable the country to switch to electric mobility since its launch in May, 2021  by aggregating all independent charging points and managing the entire charging transaction, thereby positioning itself as an aggregation platform for chargers in the EV world. Their network of charging stations is strategically located across major highways, commercial hubs, and residential areas. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced software systems, ElectricPe ensures that the charging process is safe, quick, and efficient.

How to locate nearest EV charging points?

The lack of EV charging stations in India has always been a limiting factor in the widespread adoption of these vehicles, and one of the biggest concerns for EV drivers is range anxiety. And that is where the ElectricPe consumer app, an EV charging station app, comes into picture.  The ElectricPe app is designed to help EV owners find chargers seamlessly, thus eliminating range anxiety. In addition, the app assists in revving up their EVs and locating EV charging stations in Bangalore, which is a critical factor in electric mobility. 

What is a CPO in EV charging?

There is also another side to the coin; the CMS, short for Charger Management Software, is a free platform developed to make it as easy as possible for Charging Point Operators to get started and stay on top of all the details at all times. The primary responsibility of a charge point operator (CPO) is to install and maintain electric vehicle charging stations, providing a convenient charging infrastructure for EV drivers. CPOs have the option to either own and operate their own network of charge stations or manage and operate them on behalf of third-party owners.

With ElectricPe CMS, one can manage everything related to their EV charging point across multiple locations from a single interface. This game-changer platform offers a comprehensive range of services that allow businesses to cater to EV drivers effectively. It helps with setting the prices, understanding utilisation, and ensures visibility of your chargers on the ElectricPe app. In addition, real-time monitoring of all charger-related data keeps the operators informed and offers insights on areas where improvements can be made. The platform also offers payment options that are convenient for customers. Investing in such infrastructure is not only beneficial for businesses but also for the environment. By catering to the needs of EV drivers, businesses can attract more customers while contributing to a greener future for all. The ElectricPe CMS is committed to providing innovative solutions to support the growth of electric mobility and encourage sustainable practices in the industry.

Is there an extensive network of EV charging stations in Bangalore?

As the biggest player in the EV charging station industry present in Bangalore, ElectricPe has-

  • established 10,000+ charging and 2,500+ aggregated stations to date. 
  •  Saved 6.3 million green kilometres and reduced carbon emissions by 1.2 kilotonnes.
  • 1.35 lakh bookings and 1.5 lakh KW charging units dispensed.
  • Presence in 30+ corporate sites out of 500 in the city.

In addition, The ElectricPe app, which has been downloaded over around 42K times, has also recorded 32.2k signups and a total of 7k active users. With its innovative approach to electric mobility, ElectricPe is paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future day by day.


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