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EV charging with ElectricPe

You’ve stumbled upon the electrifying world of ElectricPe, where we charge your rides in a jiffy and help you stay on the move, always.  Whether you’re zipping around town in a sleek Tesla or cruising in a classic VW Beetle, our team is here to make your rides as smooth as they can get.  

Who are we, really? 

ElectricPe is India’s largest EV charging network, aiming to provide smart, affordable, and clean Electric Mobility to a billion Indians. We are a young startup backed by Blume and Micelio, among many others. Currently, we have over 10,000+ charging points and have a presence in over 2,000 Residential Societies We offer a one-stop platform for all your EV needs. How?  

There are two sides to it- CMS and the Customer app. Let’s understand them. 

CMS for our CPOs  

We understand that managing a large number of charging stations is no easy task. That’s why we’ve developed our platform to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and stay on top of the details at all times. With our CMS, you can manage everything from your electric vehicle charging stations across multiple locations from a single interface. You’ll be able to monitor your commercial EV charging station business and scale efficiently with real-time monitoring capabilities—so you can focus on the things that matter most. 


A direct listing on the ElectricPe app instantly makes your chargers discoverable and usable by thousands of EV owners looking for chargers while benefiting from all the Marketing and Promotional efforts made by the company.  And the best part?  It’s free! 

As part of our mission to provide clean electric mobility to a billion Indians, we offer CMS as a free product to incentivize CPOs by minimizing their operational costs to set up EV charging in their cities. 


  • Real-time monitoring of chargers 
  • Multiple tariff and payment options 
  • Access control for different roles 
  • Analytics dashboard 
  • Direct listing on ElectricPe App 
  • Supports all MQTT and OCPP-based chargers 
  • Higher utilization as a result of ElectricPe’s Marketing and Promotional efforts.  

Customer app for our customers, obviously 

Our app helps you locate electric vehicle charging stations near you in real time. It’s easy to use, so you can find a station and charge up quickly. Forget waiting in long queues or driving miles to find a charging point 😉 


  • Easily locate EV chargers anywhere. 
  • Scan, charge & pay for what you consume. 
  • Get real-time status of an ongoing booking. 
  • Analytics on vehicle battery health. 
  • Earn Rewards through referrals. 
  • Energy Subscriptions Packs. 

But that’s not all to us. We have a huge family and we’re growing like crazy. Along with a presence in over 2000 RWAs, we have 25k+ users on board helping us accelerate our goal of making the future green and electric! 

We’re on a mission to become India’s largest Electric Vehicle Charging Network by collaborating with thousands of independent charge point operators who are providing service to a community near you. From your daily charging requirements to last-minute gifting needs (for your cousin who lives and breathes anything EV related), we have got your back! 

Welcome aboard, dear user.  


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