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The Launch of Our Brand-New Yelahanka Mobility Centre


Embark on a revolutionary journey of green mobility with our new Yelahanka mobility centre. Additionally, ElectricPe is India’s leading EV mobility platform that provides top EV brands and charging solutions for user convenience. Discover why this mobility centre is valuable and how it will significantly change the way we move.

Yelahanka Mobility Centre

Yelahanka Mobility Centre contains all the leading EV brands and is built with a vision to simplify the needs of consumers and provide them with an enjoyable EV experience. From experts to exclusive offers, ElectricPe’s mobility centres have everything that a potential buyer desires while thinking of switching to sustainable mobility.

Why launch a brand-new Mobility Centre?

This mobility centre’s opening is the result of a strong dedication to meeting the changing needs of modern society. As population growth accelerates and issues like traffic congestion, pollution, and inefficient transportation systems become more prominent, the need for a sustainable mobility solution becomes essential. Our mobility centres act as an anchor for innovation and the development of comprehensive solutions to get over these barriers. We know switching to EVs is a very big decision, so our mobility centres will help you choose an ideal EV according to your needs.

How will our Mobility Centre help you?

The launch of this mobility centre is designed to significantly improve the lives of individuals in various ways. By providing a centralised centre for innovation, it addresses the specific needs of people living in urban environments.

  • Reduced Commuting Stress: With multiple mobility options, the centre aims to reduce commuting stress, making daily travel more convenient and enjoyable for individuals.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The centre’s initiatives focus on enhancing accessibility, ensuring that individuals can easily navigate their cities and access the transportation modes that suit their needs.
  • Promoting Healthier Lifestyles: Through the encouragement of eco-friendly modes of transport such as electric scooters, the centre contributes to promoting healthier and more active lifestyles among the urban population.



Join us on this journey into the future of sustainable transportation. As we navigate the complexities of urban living, we discover the importance of embracing innovative and sustainable mobility options. The launch of this mobility centre represents a step towards a future where transportation is efficient, environmentally conscious, and user-centric. So visit our Yelahanka Mobility Store now and make a switch to a sustainable future.

Visit at Yelahanka Mobility Centre
#358, 6th Cross Street, Yelahanka 5th Phase, Shiva Mandir Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064
Contact No. 8951607700

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