Gemopai Asterid Lite



Gemopai Astrid Lite is an electric bike accessible at a starting cost of Rs. 92,289 in India. It produces 2400 W power from its motor. With front disc and rear drum brakes, Gemopai Astrid Lite comes up with an electronically assisted braking mechanism. It is the only fast electric bike offered from Gemopai. It has a maximum speed of 70kmph and can be ridden for nearly 90 km in a single charge. It additionally sports three riding modes – sports, city, and economy. As far as features, the Astrid Lite has a couple of things like a central lock, USB charging, keyless entry, and LED lights. The battery makes around 4KW of peak power which is decent enough.

Battery Type

Lithium Ion Removable

Battery Capcity

1.7 kWh / 2.16 kWh / 2.88 kWh

Max Power

4 kW

Top Speed

65 kmph

Claimed Range

200 km

Charge Time

4 h

Battery Warranty

3 years