Okinawa PraisePro



Okinawa Praise is an electric bike accessible at a starting cost of Rs. 88,771 in India. It is fueled by a 72V/45Ah battery which is being presented in both VRLA type and Lithium-ion battery design. While the VRLA takes around six to eight hours, lithium-ion batteries require just a single hour to charge. The PraisePro is offered exclusively with a lithium-ion battery. The bike gets three modes-Eco, Sport, and Turbo. The maximum speed is claimed to be 30-35 kmph in Eco mode, 50-60kmph in Sport mode, and 65-70 kmph in Turbo mode. The bike is equipped for scaling gradients up to 15 degrees. It has features like a side-stand indicator, keyless entry, anti-theft sensor, and find-my scooter. Preventing power comes from dual shock brakes at the front and a disc brake at the rear.

Battery Type

Lithium Ion / Removable

Battery Capcity

2.08 kWh

Max Power

2.7 kW

Top Speed

50 kmph

Claimed Range

81 km

Charge Time

2-3 h

Battery Warranty

3 years