Revolt RV400



The price of Revolt RV400 begins at Rs. 1,32,499. It is presented in 1 variation – RV400 STD which is Rs. 1,32,499. It is driven by a 3kW motor connected to a swappable 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Revolt guarantees the RV can convey a range of 150km. With the monthly subscription scheme, the battery warranty remains at either eight years or 1.5 lakh km. Including a LED  headlight, the RV400 likewise gets a full-computerised LCD instrument cluster with a 4G connection. It likewise comes equipped with diagnostics and gets updates as well. Riders can coordinate their cell phones by means of the Revolt app which gives them access to travel history, battery health, range, and closest swap station. It additionally accompanies geofencing and keyless activity for better security. The battery requires around 4.5 hours to fully charge a 15A socket.

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Battery Capcity

3.24 kWh

Max Power

3 kW

Top Speed

85 kmph

Claimed Range

150 km

Charge Time

4 h 30 min

Battery Warranty

6 years / 1, 00, 000 km