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ElectricPe App

Charge Up Anytime, Anywhere

On India’s most trusted EV Charging Platform

Why ElectricPe App?

Quickly locate an ElectricPe charging station near you and check its availability in real-time.
No more waiting in long queues or driving miles to find a charging point
ElectricPe Mobile App
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Freedom from Range Anxiety

ElectricPe’s charging infrastructure presence across India, from city to highways, relieves you from any range anxiety

Easily accessible:

Easily navigate on the app, locate and charge your vehicle in public parking spaces

Remote Monitoring:

Easily navigate on the app, locate and charge your vehicle in public parking spacesGet real-time updates about your charging on ElectricPe App

Highly compatible:

Supports 2W, 3W, and 4W across all the types of models

Operating Time and amenities visibility:

See station ratings, check real-time charge point availability, photos, and descriptions of the charging stations and the facilities

Earn Rewards:

Earn great cashback and rewards on every charging session you do

Energy Subscriptions Packs:

Unlimited free charging with exclusive perks and benefits

EV charging station locations
Features of ElectricPe App

How does it work?


Download & Register

Download & Register on our app and locate a charging point near you


Navigate to the charging point location


Scan QR

Scan the QR code on Charger from ElectricPe App and plug in your charger

Monitor your usage

Conveniently monitor your usage in real-time and pay ONLY digitally for what you consume


Pay now or Later

Voila! Your vehicle is recharged! Get moving with your fully charged EV!

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